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In the competitive world that drives our economy, making the right financial choices is not a simple task. Capitol7 is here to make sense of it for you. Start by deciding what type of account you want to open.

There are two different types of account options to choose from, please click on one to see more information.

Consumer Account features include:

  • Free deposits, transfers, and purchases
  • No Investing Privileges
  • Level 1 Consumer account can anonymous
  • Level 2 Consumer account can be instantly upgraded to Angel status giving it Investor Privileges.

The Consumer Account is a Basic Wallet available to anyone in the world. It is perfect for buying online, selling online or making anonymous overseas transfers. There are no investing privileges available to this type of account until and it has been upgraded to Angel status. Upgrading can be done instantly online with the required deposit, providing the user ID has already been confirmed.

Both Level 1 & 2 Consumer Accounts feature:

  • No minimum balance
  • Free transactions
  • Online bill payment

Angel Account features include:

  • Pool of account deposits plus inactive balance.
  • While Logged out, account balance is automatically pooled with Angel pool; And taken out of pool when the user logs in to spend.
  • Invested amount, length and pool number is recorded and interest is given accordingly.

The Angel Account features the same basic options, plus Investor Privileges along with add-on Diversity Funds. The Angel Account has two levels, Retail [Level 1] and Accredited [Level 2]. Each Account Level holds their own set of Account Options, including minimum balance, and add-on Diversity Funds. Angel Accounts require a minimum balance to enter you into the Angel pool which maintains your Angel status and keeps the account Active.

    Retail [Level 1] Account:

  • Minimum deposit is $100
  • Retail status Angel Pools cap out at $1M each

  • Accredited [Level 2] Account:

  • Minimum deposit is $1M
  • Accredited status Angel Pools cap out at $25M each