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Capitol7 uses pools to privately invest into partnered startup companies projects with a higher expectation of success.

  Capitol7's method of investing is similar yet slightly different to mutual funds and traditional stockmarket. Capitol7 invests investment pools privately into locally managed startup companies.
There are no investments to outside or unpartnered companies. We do not invest into other
organization funds or hand over any investing responsibility.

How does capitol7 make more money for me when I invest?

The money invested into Pools are used to fund a locally managed Starco which will
generate profit, giving return on your investment.

What is a Starco?

A starco is what we call a startup company; and a startup company is a company that has
been fueled by investors, to generate return on their investment.

When can I expect to start making money?

You can withdraw your interest every 2 weeks, or you can leave it and it will
automatically be compounded.

How much can I expect to make on my investment?

Your return is influenced by many factors. Investment size, period, and timing alter your
return potential. Since your investment equals an overall ownership in a managed startup
company, your return potential is quite high.

What are the chances of a disaster happening while my money is invested?

In the event of an unlikely disaster, Capitol7InvestorGuard makes sure you will always get
back however much you put in.

Why is my account called an Angel account?

An Angel is someone who provides capital to fund one or more starco's.

  Capitol7 relies on partnership to minimize costs while maximizing efficiency and yield. When you invest into a pool and that money is used to start up a company, you will continue to own a percentage of the company's total value until you withdraw your investment from it. Your investment can continue to grow for years while you are invested into other pools.